Lucky Socks

My friend Sara had told me about a blogger (Trialsbringjoy.com – a great infertility blog) named Chelsea who was putting on a ‘lucky sock exchange.’ Basically, tons of girls enter and she sets you up with a girl going through a similar journey and once we are paired together we send each other a package filled with lucky socks (you know, since our feet are usually in stirrups?) and other goodies. I am so glad I entered into the  exchange!

I was paired with a girl named Carla who lives in Ohio. We exchanged a few emails and I found out she was going through IVF and was days away from her egg retrieval. As of today she is currently in her TWW since her transfer was Monday! I was excited to meet someone that was going through IVF and was happy to have someone I could ask for IVF advice in the future.

Carla’s package arrived today and I love it! I cant wait to wear my new Kate Spade socks during my IVF appointments and my own upcoming transfer! Also- how cute is that mug?!


IVF update: I should be starting BC pills in about a week! EEK!

Have a great weekend!




Time Flies!

Ello there!

I haven’t done a post in over two weeks, I think because I needed a break after the blog challenge, but I wanted to post today for an update!  It is March, and I am so excited! Spring is here and that means one thing and one thing only to this girl: IVF IS AROUND THE CORNER! WOOHOOO! We are officially in our last cycle before everything begins, and it’s coming fast. Basically, as soon as Aunt Flow arrives, I start birth control to reset my hormones and make sure my follicles are at the exact same size. In addition to birth control pills for a month in April, I will have a water sonogram to ensure my uterus is cleared for take off. Also, Matt will have to provide a (ahem), ‘sample’ that will be frozen for back up use If needed.

At this point Matt and I are really needing to keep our eyes on the calendar daily, as timing is crucial with this. I have to start getting in touch with my nurse coordinator to let her know I am about 20 days out from starting this process, so she can set up appointments. I have “tentatively” asked for time off from work, as I am not sure exactly what days I will need off (or how to even tell my boss that I am going through this! Yikes..) and my meds will need to be ordered soon. This last weekend I picked up some donated meds from a girl I went to high school with, which will help us immensely, since meds for one cycle run about 3k!

The Allen house is very, very excited but also very nervous. Matt and I keep joking that we are either 98% excited and 2% scared or 98% scared and 2% excited we just bounce back & forth between the two. Also, where I am usually the negative one of the two and Matt is the MOST optimistic person I know, we seem to have switched these personas lately. I am feeling so happy and excited at the thought that I could possibly be pregnant in about 80 days, and Matt seems more nervous than usual. I get it- we are going all in with this. If we don’t come out on the other side of this with a baby…it will be devastating. After the failed IUI’s we know how this feels, and adding in thousands of dollars won’t soften the blow.

I KNOW that acupuncture it to be credited for my positive outlook on this. Since starting five weeks ago I feel more relaxed and at ease going into this process. I also know that I am doing pretty much everything I can at this point, and it is helping with the emotional stress of IVF as well. I just hope this relaxed state stays with me the next 80 days when I will really need it!

Fitness and nutrition is going well, too! I have stepped the nutrition up big time, adding in more veggies when I can and working out consistently 4-5x a week. My stomach is now getting flatter (thank God) and I am starting to notice a big difference in my glutes (thanks squats!) Also, my water intake is increasing and I have found that drinking out of my tumbler helps with getting more water in -YAY! Everything is right on schedule! Come on, April!

Faith quotes

I WILL be a mother! This is for all the people waiting and trying at #OHIP4IVF and Conceivable Dreams.