CD 7 update- 1st ultrasound appointment

This morning we had our first ultrasound to see how many follicles were growing in response to the last week of meds I have been on. Both Matt and I were pretty nervous (I was nervous- he was excited) which didn’t help that we were running late due to traffic. We got to the clinic five minutes late where I was promptly brought in to get my blood test to check my estrogen levels and then led to the exam room. I met the only doctor I had not ever seen before (Dr. A, she is about to retire) and she was very nice while doing the ultrasound (as my ovaries get bigger ultrasounds become super uncomfortable).

She commented that my uterine lining was beautiful. I always get really good comments about my lining, which I think is funny but Matt thinks is amazing news. It is huge for IVF that I have a nice thick lining that the embryos can stick to. I am also lucky because while most women have issues with meds destroying their uterine lining- this has never been an issue for me, and I am thankful for that.

She slowly counted the follicles on each side (side note: for those that don’t know, because my sister didn’t: follicles contain eggs) and I have a total of 16-17 follicles growing! Size is right on with where they should be and Dr. A said everything looked “fantastic” 🙂 Tomorrow I start the third shot to keep my body from ovulating 17 eggs (lol) I am really happy that everything is moving along but DAMNIT I feel SO bloated and tired. I know my body is working overtime right now so I am focusing on staying super hydrated and resting as much as I can. My next appointment is Friday and will update then! For those that are wondering what follicles look like in an ovary, here is a pic- obviously not mine. Although I am thinking of asking for a picture soon! The big black blobs are follicles, so Imagine 9 on one side- things are pretty cramped in here! 😉



Stims Day 3 Update

Today marks day 3 of stims (shots) and already it’s been a bit overwhelming. I originally thought it wouldn’t be too bad in the beginning since I gave myself shots for my IUIs. This time around I am giving myself two different shots- Gonal F in the morning and Menopur at night. The Gonal F is what I have used before and is no biggie. The Menopur is a little difficult because I have to mix two vials, change needles, and then inject. It also hurts like a bitch stings a bit, but so far no bruising.

It has mostly been tough because I can already feel my moodiness set in, with these hormones rushing through me- its pretty hard not to. Sorry Matt. Lucky me, he is being amazeballs during this whole process, I know he hates that this part is just me shooting up twice a day and he cant do much. Apart from mood swings, I am also cramping a bit- a sign my ovaries are kicking into high gear. This is all good news but makes me nervous- I still have nine days left ( at LEAST) of these shots  and soon I will be adding in a THIRD shot every day to keep my body from ovulating all these eggs I’m growing. Woot Woot!

Friday we went in for my baseline ultrasound just to make sure I was cleared for takeoff. I asked Dr Stephens to do an Antral Follicle Count, since I had never had one in the beginning of my cycle. An AFC is basically just a total count of visible follicles in the ovaries that could grow into eggs for IVF. We counted 8 on my right and 6-7 on my left, but my right ovary was also hiding a bit so there could of been more, but Dr. Stephens didn’t want to dig too hard to find them. She seemed pleased enough with 14, but I was bummed. I was hoping she would find 50 follicles in there- HA! I know that I should feel lucky she even found 14 follicles- and know that I could definitely grow more- but the more eggs retrieved, the more chances I have at this if it doesn’t work the first time.

Nevertheless, we are happy and are moving forward every day, in hopes that in three weeks we will be able to say that we’re pregnant! I am continuing acupuncture weekly and staying as positive as I can…. even if I am acting like a psycho in the meantime!


IVF meds have arrived!

Well my big box o’ meds arrived this morning and holy crap that’s a lot of needles! I am still kind of freaking out about how to give these all to myself- luckily there are directions and I can even go to the pharmacy website and watch videos on how to mix the meds. All in all, between Matt & I- I am sure we will get the hang of it! 

I took my last birth control pill on April 19th so now we wait for my cycle to start, which should be in the next two days! Never have I been so excited for shots. All these shots = baby 🙂



More good news!

Happy Friday!

So everything is moving right along with IVF – an quickly. I saw Courtney (my IVF nurse) yesterday afternoon to go over my timeline and to practice the shots I’ll be administering to myself (2-3 a DAY…fun) and as soon as I sit down across from her she says “Ok, your last birth control pill we be on April 19th, and then you should start your period by April 23rd at the latest”

Um…WHAT? I tell Courtney that that isn’t my last pill, and by April 19th I will only by Cycle day 20. She says I only need to take 20 days of bcp’s and by then my body will be forced to have a period and BAM- IVF starts. I must have looked panicked  because she had to ask if I was alright with starting IVF 7-10 days earlier. Even though it is a very short amount of time to be moved up, it definitely made me nervous! In less than two weeks AF will be here and everything begins! AHHH.

After the initial shock I called Matt to make sure we were all good with paying everything next week and to get everything else in line like ordering my huge list of meds. My egg retrieval is tentatively scheduled for May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) and my transfer scheduled for Mothers Day, 5 days later! Now, this probably wont be exact- as it all depends when AF arrives, but I think its cool that everything is falling on a holiday (April 19, the day of my last pill is even Matts birthday)

This morning Matt and I went back to the clinic for my saline sonogram. While it was not a pleasant experience, I was very happy that everything looks good to go. Dr. Stephens showed us in depth pictures of my uterus and my one tube, and everything looks great. My remaining tube is still open (however useless it may be!)

Next week we are on vacation all week and will be in so cal and when we come back everything begins, we are very excited to start this process.

That’s all I have to report! Have a great day xo

Beautiful things are about to happen...


Attention! Shit just got real!

Cycle day 1 kicked off today (right on schedule) and I was super excited to call my nurse, Courtney, so we could get this show on the road. She sent in my prescription for birth control pills, and an antibiotic for my water sonogram that is scheduled for next week. Picking up my birth control was very surreal (and not just because I forgot I had a new prescription card for insurance and therefore paid full price for it-yikes) because today marks the very first step in my IVF journey!

Next Thursday I will have my shots tutorial and sonogram and I will let you all know how that goes. Wish me oodles of luck 🙂