TTC Mug Exchange

You might remember earlier this year when I joined a lucky sock exchange put on by another infertility blogger. It was where  hundreds of girls going through infertility are linked together and send each other care packages. Last one was lucky socks, which was wonderful, and the latest one was a Mug Exchange. I was really excited to enter this exchange again, as my sock exchange partner and I stayed in touch after the sock exchange ( she actually just had her baby boy, her first IVF was a success!) 

I received my email that I had been paired with a girl named Destiny. She lived in Pennsylvania, had been TTC 3 years, had endured 2 IUIs and was about to go through her first IVF. She’s the sweetest girl and has already been a huge support to me. Unfortunately, I just learned this weekend that her first transfer did not take. My heart broke in a million pieces because I know the pain all too well of a failed IVF. Des (we’re both Des’ pretty awesome, right?) is extremely positive and has 3 frost babies waiting for her, and I know those will lead to her eventual pregnancy! You can follow her story on IG at TheScientificStork – her posts are awesome!

I came home today to Destiny’s TTC mug exchange package and I love everything! Everything is super thoughtful and I am thankful for everything!  

I loved her “You Got This” card! This is what she wrote:


Here are a few things to get you through IVF#2! An EOS egg for strong eggies! A cute water bottle to keep those follies hydrated, a coloring book to distract you during the dreaded “wait” & some pretty accessories you can throw on whenever you’re feeling “blah” from stim bloat! I’m so very thankful we “met” this way. You truly inspire me & I honestly can’t wait for us to be preggers together in 2016! Maybe one day when one of us is visiting the other coast we can meet in person & share our bumps & babies. I just KNOW we’ll be mama’s! 

Of course her card left me in a puddle of tears lol there is nothing good about infertility, but having support from TTC sisters has been an amazing experience!



28 day countdown

I have this ticker on my phone that I have programmed to tick down the days until my projected Day 1 of my IVF cycle. Since my cycle is like clockwork, it’s pretty accurate and today it let me know that I am 28 days away from starting IVF! As I predicted, it came super fast and with the holidays passing by soon, it will be here before I know it.

Last time I did IVF I was bummed that starting the process included 20 days of birth control, but this time around I am actually thankful for the slow start. This means that I will start birth control pills to reset my ovaries around January 8th for 20 and then start injections a few days  later. This puts egg retrieval & transfer in Febuaury. 

I was thinking recently about ALL the changes I have made the last 8 months to prepare for this. I have done a lot to hopefully improve my egg quality:

1. Thrown out all plastic food containers and bought glass ones instead.

2. Stopped drinking out of plastic water bottles, bought many BPA safe tumblers

3. Changed to all Honest and Method brand cleaning products (including laundry detergent) 

4. Changed to paraben & phthalate free soap (we use Dr Bronner’s only now) lotion is strictly coconut oil. 

5. Stopped using deodorant for the most part. I don’t sweat really unless I am working out, so I bought Toms natural deodorant for the gym but other than that I just use coconut oil.

6. Switched to vegan nail polishes (this is a little more recent, about two months ago! I switched to the brand Zoya, which is natural and has great color selection!)

7. In terms of food, we still buy very healthy food for the house. Organic/cage free eggs and grass fed beef. Starting next week I will also be making green juices to drink every day too. 

8. Still working out at LEAST 3x a week! I am down 7.5 pounds from what I weighed in May! Hoping to lose 5 more pounds before I start IVF! Slowly but surely !

9. Lots and lots and lots of vitamins 

10. Trying my best to remain stress free and positive. I really am. I know I have done all that I can – and I have done a lot. At least this time if it doesn’t work again, I’ll know I gave it my best shot! 

I’m just taking it one day at a time! Trying to make my body as baby friendly as I can. My Christmas wish is that everything I have been doing pays off!! ❤️🎄👶🏼