Here we gooooo

Ok so I forgot to update you guys but IVFx2 is currently under way! I started birth control pills on Sunday and should be on those for about 3 weeks. I haven’t ordered my Meds yet but should be doing that (along with writing my clinic a big ass check) very soon.

I’m feeling anxious, and excited and pretty much just scared shitless. 

I received this bracelet from my IRL (in real life) TTC sister Sara, and since I am obsessed with good luck charms, am wearing it every day 😉

So let’s do this! Eek!



I get by with a little help from my friends ❤️

I had a rough day trying to get my birth control pills from my pharmacy at Target after work. They never have my prescriptions ready and then after waiting for 20 minutes I was told my prescription card was expired. Well, my new job gave me a temporary card when my benefits kicked in Dec 1st and apparently that card expired until I get my new one shortly. I asked if they could call to verify my insurance but they were not very helpful and just said no.

Matt and I got home around the same time and he came in with the mail. He told me I had gotten something from Smith. She is a friend I have had since I was twelve and we have always been close. I have called her by her maiden name forever. 

As I opened the package and read her card I cried as it was so thoughtful and sweet of her. I’ve said this before, but having support from friends and family is so important to Matt and I and helps us get through it. 

In the package was a ‘beautiful wishes’ ornament and a ‘dream box’ where you are encouraged to write your dreams down and keep it in the box by your bed. I love that! I am all about stuff like this and was excited to read all about it!

I’m moved by the thoughtful gesture from my friend of nearly 20 years, and it really turned my day around 🙂

I had still been feeling anxiety about starting IVF again, but little by little with support being thrown our way again I am starting to feel a glimmer of hope.

Come on Febuaury! 💓



Goodbye 2015

I couldn’t be more overjoyed to say goodbye to what I can honestly say was one of the hardest & most challenging years of my life.

Although come Januaury I start my 4th year trying to conceive, I am happy because I know it will be my last. As glum as that sounds, it’s the truth. 2016 will be the year I make my family, one way or another. 

As i inch closer to starting birth control pills and starting this journey all over again (about ten days away!) I can’t help but feel the symbolism of starting IVFx2 in the New Year. Maybe it will be good luck for us? Who knows. I pray every night to God that 2016 is my turn, that this difficult path I have been tasked to walk will be over, and I’ll finally become a Mom ❤️ 

Happy New Year everyone! Xo