Ice Ice Baby- Preparing 4 fet

You might remember months ago when I wrote about my experience with the TTC Mug Exchange and I met my friend Destiny who lives on the East coast. We made fast friends and I adore her, to say the least. She had just gotten over her failed fresh IVF cycle and after she waited a cycle, she did a frozen transfer with two embryos. I am extremely happy to report she is 11 weeks pregnant with TWINS! She is very happy, although pretty sick 24/7.

Naturally, given the fact that I am about to start my very own frozen transfer cycle (any day now, AF. Why is it whenever I am anticipating her she takes her sweet ass time?!) I decided to ask Destiny what she did to ensure the babies would stick!

This is what she told me she did 2 weeks before her transfer:

  1. Drank Pomegranate juice daily (I love this stuff, score!)
  2. Drank a cup of Organic Red Raspberry leaf tea every other day
  3. Ate six Brazil nuts daily (just started eating these yesterday- not bad)
  4. Did the old pineapple core trick where you eat a piece of the core the day of transfer and 4 days after.
  5. 2 days of bed rest (I might just do one, can’t decide on this)

So that is my plan, along with daily exercise-walking & yoga only- and lots of healthy food and water. Most of these I have heard of before, as they all have evidence they improve a woman’s uterine lining. I did the pineapple thing last IVF, but none of the other items on the list! Hopefully these things will make for a nice home for these embryos in the next 2-3 weeks.

Is there anything that you guys did that you think helped with your IVF success? Let me know!





411 on FET (frozen embryo transfer)

So 17 days have passed since we found out we have 10 embryos to freeze. It’s been seriously so surreal and I still can’t seem to wrap my head around it! I didn’t really understand what an FET entailed, and I have since discussed it with Dr Stephens.

There are two types of FET’s: natural and medicated. Natural FET, your body is on hardly any Meds. You do OPK’s (ovulation predictor kit) at home, starting day 10 of your cycle, and then once it turns positive you go in for an ultrasound. If all looks good and it looks like you are going to ovulate, then you take the trigger shot (to ovulate) and the transfer is done 7 days later. 

A medicated FET, you take birth control for a month and then do shots for two weeks to shut your ovaries down. Once lining of your uterus is ready to go, you do the trigger shot and 7 days later transfer is done.

Dr Stephens wants to do a natural FET and I am happy with that. She said since I have a 28 day cycle it will the easiest transfer to do, and this way- no Meds. Yesssssss. Plus, my clinic has a slight higher success rate with natural FET’s and I have read great things about them online!

It looks like based on my calendar, transfer of two embryos will be in mid April. I am really, really happy & excited! But I am also happy to have this time off to get my body ready to accept embryos! I did take two weeks off of working out and have slid back from my diet but yesterday I put myself back on the wagon! 

Just hoping everything goes smoothly leading up to our transfer, I am going back to acupuncture next week too, and that will definitely help with any anxiety I have! Looking forward to the next few weeks 💕