WTF appointment take 2

This morning I went to have an ultrasound to check to see if there were any visible cysts or polyps and to see if my lining was shedding properly for FET #2. 

After Dr Stephens did the ultrasound we talked a lot about what happened and next steps. Basically the clinic doesn’t believe that I am experiencing implantation failure because they define that as someone with 3 failed transfers of GOOD embryos. Which means that even though I transferred last year, because my embryos weren’t of good quality, it doesn’t really count. 

Dr Stephens believes that I should continue with another FET (natural) because she thinks that there isn’t anything wrong with me and that I will get pregnant. I asked her about what could be done if I have another failed transfer. I am hesitant to just transfer over and over again without a plan so we discussed the following if another transfer failed:

1. Uterine Biopsy: two different kinds. One where they take a piece of my uterus and send it off to see if I have an inhospitable environment. Or Natural Killer cells (yes that’s a thing) if you watched Friends, this is what Monica had. The other type of biopsy is where we basically go through the process of a transfer, do all the Meds and then on the day of transfer do a biopsy and it is sent to see if transfer should be done on a different day, based on endometrium cells.  If it shows that it’s not the best day for transfer, we adjust the next month. My Dr said these are both very invasive and very expensive. Also the results are not always conclusive.
2. endometrial scratch: exactly what it sounds like. The cycle before a planned transfer a scratch is done to my endometrium layer and hopefully the embryos would be able to implant in the scratch. 

3. water sonogram: a more in depth look to my uterus to look for anything abnormal, I had one done last year before IVF #1 and everything was normal.  

After discussing all these possible problems I got pretty overwhelmed and started to cry- which I really hate doing in front of my Dr. I told her how frustrated I was with my situation. I had started with tube issues in 2014, egg quality issues in 2015, and now possible uterus issues? It’s just too much I don’t understand how I could possibly be in this situation. 

She told me she completely understood and that she too wants to see me pregnant so badly and graduate from the clinic. However she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with my uterus. She thinks that I’m too young and all tests done on me so far have proved that everything looks normal. So, we are proceeding with another FET, and if another fail- we can talk about doing one of the tests.

I’m worried of losing more embryos. I am sad we have to spend more money on another transfer too. I hate to think that I am just that unlucky . Hoping another FET works.