Graduation Day ❤️

Today I am 8 weeks + 1 day! Earlier this afternoon we had our graduation appointment with the clinic. We got to see the babies again and it was so cool to see how much bigger they have gotten in two weeks! They are measuring right where they should be and both have heartbeats in the 170s BPM. Here is an updated photo and you can see how much bigger they are!

While of course we were so excited to be graduating from the fertility clinic, it was also really hard to say goodbye to Dr. Stephens. We gave her a beautiful framed painting of a hatching embryo I found on etsy, and I wrote her a card. I told her we loved her and thanked her for helping us get pregnant! I still plan to update her throughout my pregnancy 🙂 We also got candy for the nurses and the embryology team- we couldn’t have done it without all of them either! 

Saying goodbye to Dr Stephens!

In two weeks we will meet our new OB and get to see the twins again! In other 8 week news I feel like crap. Around seven weeks I started getting aversions to meat and vegetables and feeling sick to my stomach. All I could manage to eat was carbs carbs carbs and then maybe some fruit. It’s been miserable. My new routine is coming home from work, napping  for an hour, eating dinner and then going right to bed. Not fun. I am also dealing with extreme bloating- at the end of the day I swear I look 4-5 months pregnant. Dr Stephens assured me this was normal, but I just hate it! 

Yes, being pregnant is harder than I expected it to be- lol. But I still wouldn’t give it up for anything- I’m so happy that I have twins growing inside!  I am just very much looking forward to getting some energy back (and also being able to consume vegetables, I am sure not eating them doesn’t help with the bloat!)

Off to keep baking these babies! 💕



I have to apologize for being the worst infertility blogger ever. Last I wrote, I was in a super dark place awaiting my next transfer. I figured I was doomed,destined for another few months to a year of invasive tests. 

I decided not to blog about the transfer. I figured it would not work and it would just be repeated posts of our transfer in May, so why bother? We didn’t really even tell anyone either, besides family and few close friends. 

I didn’t eat Brazil nuts and pineapple. I didn’t drink POM juice every day. Hell, I had two glasses of wine three days before the transfer. I had given up. 

When we went for the transfer 6/20, we got the update that the embryos had thawed well, and the embryologist let us know that they were using something called “embryo glue” to try and help the embryos implant. I thought, whatever. Dr Stephens did the transfer, and it went beautifully. I went back to my normal life right after.

6 days later Matt and I decided to take a pregnancy test at home. I normally never ever test early, but my blood test was scheduled for during the week, and I wanted to get bad news on a Sunday, while I was at home.

After taking the test I went and got in bed with Matt. We talked about what we would do about the third transfer, and the  tests we would have to do. After 5 minutes i went to look and this is what I saw. 

I always thought seeing that second line I would fall to the ground crying. Instead I laughed hysterically at it. Matt and I hugged and laughed and cried and I said “it must have been the glue”

It wast real until Beta’s confirmed, and a week later, Dr Stephens called to confirm the pregnancy. Even though I had taken a test, I was shaking when she called me. It just didn’t seem real. This whole thing is surreal, it’s so crazy to me. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and today we had our first ultrasound. I was SO unbelievably nervous, I just wanted to see a heartbeat and know that the baby was ok. Dr Stephens of course was there to happily give us a first look at our baby and lo and behold:


I saw it right away and just laid there crying while listening to their heartbeats. Matt and I are SO excited. 

It is still fairly early in the pregnancy, 6 weeks, so of course I’m worried non stop. It’s the main reason why I didn’t blog the last month- I was scared. Every night for the last three weeks before bed I thank God for giving me another day of pregnancy. I don’t take it for granted at all. I’m so, so thankful. 

And obviously scared shitless, let’s be real, people.

Lots more updates to come, I promise! For now, we’re just letting it all sink in. Matt and I counted that we tried for this for 1,272 days. And now it is all worth it. 

Never ever give up ladies. 

* if you are friends with me on Facebook or IG, know that I won’t be announcing it to anyone else until I’m out of the first trimester, so please don’t post anything on my wall! Thanks!