12 weeks!

We have made it to 12 weeks! One more week and I’ll be out of this dreaded first trimester and I couldn’t be happier. At this point the fact that we are bringing home twins in 5-6 months is finally setting in. My belly is definitely protruding, although it’s still bloat and not really me “showing” I’ve googled bloat or baby bump? more times than I’d like to admit at this point. Only time will tell! 

Everyone at work now knows I’m pregnant which is awkward but also nice. I get offered food every day which I love but I also get a lot of advice and jokes thrown my way since I work with a lot of guys- but for the most part, it was an easy transition to let everyone know that no, I’m not just getting fat. 

Yesterday I had another ultrasound, at a new sutter group. After thinking about my last appointment and reading the reviews to this new place, I decided to make an appointment and check it out. I figured I would make a decision after the appointment.

I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly that decision came. This new place is walking distance to the hospital I’ll be delivering at, has complimentary valet for expecting mothers and is just all around nicer. The equipment is better, as I was able to hear the babies heartbeats, something we weren’t able to hear at our last appointment. And the nurse practitioner I met with was so nice. I left there feeling good about having twins! 

Here’s a new look at the Allen twins! Both measuring ahead of schedule (probably due to my appetite being back in full force) and both very active. I was able to see the babies move around and instead of looking like gummy bears I could actually see arms and legs. Baby B was so active it was hard to even get a good read on their heartbeat- crazy. 

We’re hoping to find out the genders in a few weeks by a 3D ultrasound that I’ll have at 15 weeks. We will be doing a gender reveal with our families so we will be surprised as well! I’m so excited because not knowing if they are boys/girls/both is so tough! Does anyone have any guesses? I have no clue! 



10 week update

We made it to double digits!! Woohoo! The last few weeks have not been that bad. Morning Sickness has subsided, for the most part, but I am still tired ALL the time. I am also super bloated from constipation (TMI, sorry) which sucks. This last weekend I went to San Diego for my sisters bachelorette party. It was fun, for a pregnant, sober person 😜 my sister is always giving me shit for not taking weekly “bump” photos so made me take this on the beach at 9 weeks.

Pregnant with tacos 

So today we had our first OB appointment with Dr Maagdenberg. As I sat on the table waiting to meet her I told Matt I was nervous and hoped I liked her. He gave me a look and told me not to expect another Dr Stephens. I told him I know, but I still want to like my doctor! In walked Dr M, a super tall, blonde, very fit Russian woman. 

She was very nice, but no nonsense lol. She told us right off the bat she isn’t going to congratulate us until we see the ultrasound. O-Kay. While she performed my Pap smear (ugh) she realized that we had come from NCFMC and therefore had already seen the babies and that there were two (I thought all my paperwork had been transferred to this new doctor. Something I’ll need to check with my clinic about later). Once we told her it was twins she got right to the ultrasound. She told us then that she had twins, which Was good to know for us. The babies are great, measuring 10 weeks + 4 days and 10 weeks +2, so both ahead of schedule. We got to see their heartbeats but not hear them. 

After the ultrasound she sat down and talked about how this is a high risk pregnancy even though twins are more common now. I asked her if she had delivered twins often and she said yes all the time. She is more in favor or scheduled c sections, then letting new deliver on my own. Which is fine by me- but she said we would wait and see how the pregnancy progressed. A lot of everything with twins is “wait and see” because twin pregnancies can either be a breeze for some people or hell on earth to others. 

All in all, we left agreeing that we liked her well enough. I know it’s a practice and I’ll be seeing who is available and not always her. At this point I’ll be going to the doctor every 4 weeks for a check up. And she is sending me to a specialist twice during the pregnancy to check fetal growth. 

I just decided to put my gym membership on hold and will be enrolling in prenatal yoga twice a week at a studio here in Sacramento. Yoga and walking are all I can muster right now for excercise.

Only a few more weeks until 2nd trimester! ❤️❤️