Twins Gender & Name Reveal!

The Twins are…Boys! 💙💙

Today I am 15 weeks + 5 days. I wanted to update on the babies’ genders ASAP, plus my sister is getting married this weekend in Tahoe so we are on vacation starting tomorrow- yay!

Saturday we had our long awaited gender reveal at my parents house. We had went the Wednesday before to get the ultrasound to determine the sexes and it was hard, because we couldn’t really watch the entire time. We did get to hear heartbeats (both at 150) and the tech said she was 100% sure on the twins’ gender. She gave us an envelope to give to the baker and that was it- we had to wait 3 days to Saturday! 

I had a feeling after the ultrasound i was having boys. The fact that she said she was 100% sure just seemed to mean boys to me! Matt was still convinced we were having girls. 

My mom and sister did such a good job putting together the reveal for us. Everyone was so excited and happy to see that we are having boys! We don’t have a a lot of boys in the fam 🙂 to be honest, I have never thought of myself as a boy mom- but I truly feel we are all given what we are meant to have. I feel so lucky to have the chance to be pregnant, to have the chance to carry TWO babies, and to have these boys! 

We have also already chosen names! Matt and I are not keeping them a secret (it’s not my style to be a secret keeper after all!)  the boys names are:

Zayden Lennox Allen (this has ALWAYS been our boy name. We’ve had it for years! Lennox is matts middle name and is an Allen family name. Zayden-Zade for short, has always been a fav of ours!)


Noah Stephens Allen ( Noah is one of the few boy names Matt and I have been able to agree on, so it was easy to pick right away that would probably be baby boy #2 name! Stephens is for Dr. Stephens 😊 it was always very important to us to honor her by giving one of the twins a middle name after her! We had a close relationship with her and she helped us make our dreams a reality!)

So we’re having boys and they have names and this is all real! 16 weeks in and I still can’t believe this is happening for us. 💙 here are some pics of the gender reveal- hope everyone has a good week!


14 weeks 💜

Today we hit 14 weeks and the babies are each the size of a lemon! 


For the most part I have been feeling good. I no longer feel the need to sleep 15 hours a day, and am eating normally again.I still have aversions to meat sometimes though! I get these really bad headaches too, that feel like an awful hangover. An ice pack on the head usually brings relief, and if I really need it I take a Tylenol. I noticed that if I keep to my anti nausea combo of 25 mg of Vitamin B and half a unisom at night, I feel great next day- so I’ll be sticking with that for a few weeks. 

I’m up 6 pounds total so far, but feel like it is so much more because I am definitely showing now. Here’s a pic at 12 weeks Matt took, and that was 2 weeks ago, so the bump is in full force:

I can still fit into  normal shirts, but my pants were not having it and it was so uncomfortable. I broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans at Old Navy!  A few friends have handed down some maternity clothes as well which is so nice- I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on clothes I won’t wear very long! 

My friend Melissa let me borrow her pocket Doppler and it has been SO amazing to be able to listen to the babies heartbeats. A week ago it was hard to find them, now I can find them so easily and hearing their little hearts beating away is the BEST ❤️ here’s  a video of one of the babies heartbeats I picked up on the Doppler last week:

We are a week and a half away from finding out the sexes and we are so excited to find out. Patience has never been a virtue of mine! 

Things I miss: knowing what I’m going to eat in advance, lunch meat (surprisingly on this one, I definitely took sandwiches with deli meat for granted), booze (I’d kill for a glass of white wine) sleeping normally (I’m up 3x a night to pee) and that’s about it. I hate to complain about being pregnant, I have always longed to be able to experience this, but it is difficult.

For now I choose to enjoy it as much as I can 😊