26 weeks!

26 weeks today!! Woohoooooo.

The boys are each the size of an eggplant 🍆😳 so they are getting much bigger. I too, am getting much bigger! When I went to my last OB appointment a week and a half ago my Dr. told me my belly was measuring 34 weeks! I have gained 23 pounds total, I put on one pound per week. Dr said this was right on track so that was good news! 

The boys have also moved positions. Instead of both being head down, Zayden is butt down and Noah is sideways. I’ve been feeling lots and lots of movement lately and am told they will change positions a lot. We see them again at our MFM next week so should be interesting to see what positions they are in by then.

I had my first baby shower recently and it was an amazing experience. There was a time where I thought I would never get a baby shower, so I felt extremely blessed to have one thrown by my best friend and my sister, who did an amazing job. The babies got very spoiled, and having all the baby swag in their nursery makes it all seem so real now. 12 weeks (possibly less) until they are here! 

I’ve been fighting a cold the last two days, which has been awful. Matt even got a flu shot and got sick anyways, so the two of us have been sneezing and coughing non stop. At least Matt can take cold meds though! I’m trying to fight it off naturally (although I did pop a benedryl last night, just so I could get some sleep!)  

Here are some pics from the baby shower: 


24 weeks!

I am 24 weeks pregnant today! Today is a big milestone- viability! We were very excited to reach this point of pregnancy. I am so happy and grateful to have made it this far! I  am six months pregnant with twins, and have roughly three more months to go, unless they come on their own before that.

We also received good news from our perinatal doctor last week. I was patient and waited a whole month, even though I was worried every single day about my extra fluid and Noah’s stomach being visible. I was really nervous for our appointment but just tried to stay positive. I laid on the table as the ultrasound tech got to work and watched closely. Both boys were wiggling and moving like crazy it was hard for her to get some of the measurements she needed, and she commented on how active they were. She then measured both sacs for fluid measurements and I saw that one sac had 7.5 cm of fluid and the other 7.2! The tech still made a comment that it was a little high and I reminded her that they were each a full point higher a month ago, so they had actually gone down. She said nothing and just kept measuring away. At this point I was irritated with this tech, give me a break, lady.

At this point the doctor came in, which I was surprised by because my last two appointments with these high risk dr’s, they don’t come in until after the tech has done all the measuring, and then they just come in to discuss results. Anyways, the doctor came in and sat down and immediately started joking with me and asking me if I had signed up for the Moms of Multiples group my hospital offers (I hadn’t, and he set me up with that info) and talking with me about the boys.

The tech then said she found Noah’s stomach bubble but it was still a little small. The doctor said let me see, took the ultrasound wand from her and started looking at Noah’s abdomen. He was able to see the stomach (as did I) and said, “There it is, and that looks normal to me!” I asked if he was sure, and he said absolutely and for me to no longer worry about it. I was so happy to have the stomach issue put to rest! Both boys are about a 1.5 pounds and are about 11-12 inches long! He said it is a great sign that they are both growing at the same rate.


The tech offered to do some 3D pics (least she can do, after trying to burst my bubble-twice) and both boys made it difficult for her! Lol. Noah was moving so much anytime she tried to get him he looked all smushed. Here is baby Zayden. I think he looks like Matt 😉

This weekend my sister Renea and Alicia are throwing my baby shower and I am SO excited. I will definitely post some pics of that next week. Back and hip pain is still there, but I had acupuncture the other day and I have slept so good the last two nights. I am up 22 pounds- yikes. But I know its good for the babies and I read that I should of at least been up this much anyways! I still walk every day and that does help with my energy levels.

I am just excited for the next milestone (28 weeks- the start of the THIRD and last trimester!) and the holidays!