33 weeks update!

Hello all! Today I am 33 weeks and officially out on maternity leave!

WOOHOOOOOOOOOO. I couldn’t be happier because

At this point in my pregnancy I am uncomfortable all the time: I cannot sleep AT ALL, my ankles and feet are so swollen, I am out of breath just walking 100 feet and the list goes on. So I knew it was time to cut out and I am so happy I can just try and use the last 5 weeks I have left relaxing (as much as I can). Right now I am propped up in bed a lot, and I take two baths a day, which I look forward to every single day. Soaking in Epsom salt baths really helps with the swelling!

We are seeing doctors very frequently now. We see Dr. Guile (my OB) every two weeks, and have started doing Non Stress Tests 2x a week! NST’s are where I go in and I get hooked up to three monitors: One for each baby, and one to monitor my contractions. I then get a little clicker and anytime I feel the babies move, I have to press it and it measures their heart rates. Anytime they move, their heart rate should jump, and they have to pass this test each time we go. It is very cool to hear their little heartbeats for 20 minutes at a time, but also stressful because I am always wanting them to pass quickly! The last two have been great and it is weird to also see all the contractions I am having that I don’t even feel!

Braxton Hicks contractions have become an every day occurrence and I am pretty used to them now, but they can be very uncomfortable. My Dr said they aren’t anything to worry about unless they become painful or feel like period-like cramps. So far everything continues to look good and I am not showing any signs of pre term labor- so that is very good news!

The boys’ nursery is just about finished! Matt has done a lot of work putting up bookshelves and putting together lots of baby items like the bassinets, and stroller, and he also installed the two car seats in our SUV! Last week we also packed our bags for the hospital to keep in the car. So surreal. This time last year I wasn’t sure I would ever get pregnant, so packing my hospital bag was a crazy experience. Anytime I walk in the nursery it still doesn’t seem real. How is it possible that in 36 days I will have two baby boys to take care of?! I could not be more greatful.

My Gestational Diabetes has also been extremely easy to control by diet only, thankfully. I just make sure to not overdo it on carbs and my blood sugar numbers are 99% of the time perfect. I know its just a precaution for me to constantly check, but it is annoying. I would do anything to make sure I don’t go into early labor though, so I of course stick with it.

I don’t think I have anything else to update! Wish me luck that I can keep these babies cookin’ another 5 weeks! 🙂


3 thoughts on “33 weeks update!

  1. What really makes it is real is when you go to that hospital room and there is a place for the baby or babies in your case! That’s when it REALLY hit me, like we are really going to have a baby! haha

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