Zayden & Noah’s birth story Part 1

My beautiful baby boys were born on Valentine’s Day at 1:49 am. I was 36 weeks and 6 days. Obviously this was 10 days earlier than expected. The story of how it went down is long so I’ll be writing it in two parts.

Friday February 10th we had the carpets in our house cleaned. Matt and I were getting ready to leave the house and I was walking down our carpeted stairs. The minute my foot hit our tile entry way my feet slipped out from under me. I fell hard on my butt, and screamed for Matt who came running down the stairs. I held my huge tummy and immediately panicked, but I was also relived that I didn’t land on my stomach. 

I got up slowly and walked to the kitchen and pulled out the Doppler (thank you Mellissa!) and started on trying to find the boys’ heartbeats, which I was able to find very quickly. Relief washed over me as I knew at least that they were alive. Matt was wondering if we should go to the hospital, I was hesitant for a second..and then I tried to get up and felt a ton of pressure in my uterus. It wasn’t a question: we were going to the hospital. 

When we pulled up the vallet the car I couldn’t walk I was in so much pain that I was given a wheelchair and matt and I quickly went to labor and delivery. We were taken quickly into observation where I was hooked up for a stress test. Both boys were fine and since I wasn’t bleeding, I was told to stay off my feet and rest. We went home. The next few days I was in a bit of pain but nothing Tylenol couldn’t help with. 

Monday night around 10pm Matt and I were just getting ready to go to bed and I got up to pee and felt a gush. I first thought it was that my water had broken but when I went to the bathroom I was shocked to see that it was blood. This time there was no hesitation- matt and I booked it to the hospital. We were hooked up again to a NST that showed that the boys were fine, but because I was bleeding I was told the on call doctor was on her way. 

Dr Hastings was her name and my first impression of her was that I thought she looked like Maya Rudolph from SNL. Based on my fall three days earlier and the blood I had experienced tonight, she recommended a c section immediately. 

I was taken aback. They were fine. I wasn’t due for delivery until 2/23, I was only 36 weeks, Dr Guile was supposed to deliver me! This was not a part  of my birth plan!!!! Dr Hastings explained to me that she was concerned that my fall caused a placental tear. If that were the case, things could get bad for my babies- fast. It wasn’t worth it to not deliver and risk the twins. Based on the fact that I had ate a few hours before, I was told in two hours we would have a c section- on Valentine’s Day.

Behind closed curtain in the hospital I cried to Matt. I wasn’t prepared. I was scared of the surgery all of a sudden and most importantly- I was only 36 weeks and scared that the boys would have issues that would require NICU time. My sister was called and told to come to the hospital (she was to be in the delivery room along with Matt) and our parents were called too. 

I changed into a gown and Matt and Renea put scrubs on. I spoke with the anesthesiologist and we made the walk to the OR. Matt and Renea were told to wait outside while I was prepped in the OR. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t help crying. I climbed onto the table and the spinal block was administered (AWFUL) and everything went numb. I met my babies team of people there for the delivery. It seemed like a huge crowd- Dr, two nurses for me and two for the boys. 

Matt & Renea were brought in, and I remember being told I would feel some pressure as baby A was being pulled from me. It was the weirdest feeling. A few seconds later I heard Noah cry and he was held up over the curtain for me to see. Matt held my hand and kissed me and watched as the nurses did their assesment. 30 seconds later I felt another huge amount of pressure and Zayden made his entrance into the world, also crying. I remember being so relieved that they were crying! I watched Matt cut their umbilical cords while I was stitched up.

I had finally had my babies, something that I had been waiting for for almost five years. I was so happy, but things were about to get a little crazy. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 šŸ’™

11 thoughts on “Zayden & Noah’s birth story Part 1

  1. Oh my goodness hun, you can’t leave us hanging like that!!! šŸ˜œ I am sooooo glad everything was okay after your fall! I actually had a placental abruption when Abygail was born and it was pretty scary for a second! Girl I am so happy for you and Matt!!! šŸ˜˜


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