Noah & Zayden: 3 weeks

After a 9 day NICU stay (which seems short but seemed like forever to me) we finally brought Zayden home. It was the Best Day Ever. Getting Zayden home with Noah made everything feel right.

Once they were together Matt and I buckled in for what I would call extreme parenting. We decided to stick with the schedule the NICU nurses had the boys on, so they eat every three hours. We feed them at the same time, this way they wake at the same time too.

Nighttime is the hardest, obviously. Matt and I are each responsible for one twin at night, both of us have a bassinet on our side of the bed. We do all the feeds together and 2 am is our least fav feeding time! Having to get used to sleeping in 2 hr increments is rough! But even at our most zombie- like moments we look at each other at 2 am, each feeding a baby, and we say we can’t believe this is finally our life. It’s great. Exhausting but fantastic ❤️

To add to the craziness of nighttime feeding, I also pump and bottle feed the boys breastmilk. I had a hard time nursing them, since they were pre term, it made me anxious now knowing how much milk they were getting from me. I would inevitably want to follow a nursing session with formula! So while I do still nurse (usually in the middle of the night if they are fussy) sometimes, I mostly pump and bottle feed them breastmilk.

I also have production issues with milk. It seems like I just can’t make enough for each of them to have breastmilk for every feed, so I alternate who gets BM that is pumped. It makes me so sad. I have already had a few meltdowns to Matt how stressful I find nursing/pumping. Do not get me wrong: I believe FED is best. Period. I have no issues supplementing formula for the boys. But right now it’s more like they are formula fed and I supplement with BM☹️ I’m doing my best to make sure they get some breastmilk every day, so I’m trying to not be so hard on myself. 

The boys are each 6 lbs now and their pediatrician check ups have been great! I also have been recovering from the c section very well! After two weeks I was finally able to drive (I was restricted after surgery) and it felt great since I hadn’t driven in forever! It’s nice just having things get a little back to normal.

We are also very fortunate with family and friends wanting to see the twins and coming by to bring food or let us sleep while they watch the boys. Sleep and food have truly become our lifeline since becoming parents to twins!

Things for the boys we could not do without:

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets 

Pack n play 

Rock n plays & Halo bassinets 


Burp cloths.(SO MANY)

Baby tracker (I use this one)

Zipper PJs (if you ever think it’s a good idea to buy newborn pajamas with SNAPS instead of zippers, let me tell you – they won’t get used. F snaps) 

Noah & Zaydens newborn shoot last week 💙💙

19 thoughts on “Noah & Zayden: 3 weeks

  1. I so look forward to my notifications that you posted on your blog!! They are sooooo beautiful!! So glad you are all doing well – even at those fun nighttime feedings! You guys are total rockstars and I could not be happier for you!! Love you friend!! Can’t wait to meet them! 🎈🎈

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  2. It sounds like ya’ll are a great team and that makes it all work as best as possible at this very young age. It’s great that you are accepting help, it will do you a world of good!! I did the very same thing so I could get sleep. Your boys are so precious!!

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  3. They are so cute!!!! So glad they are 6 lbs and doing so well. For breastfeeding, my mom swear by eating fish and fish soup. She said fish soup helped the most with producing more milk. Not sure if you like fish or not, but it is worth a try if you like. Did you have a lactation consultant at the hospital?

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  4. Yay for another update!! 🙂 I’m so glad the four of you are doing well and settling into a routine! Hopefully the boys will drop at least one night time feeding soon to make things a little easier on you and Matt. 🙂 If you ever want any help with breastfeeding or want any donated breastmilk, please know I’m here! I have 200 ounces in my freezer right now. You’re welcome to some of it if you’d like. 🙂

    And don’t forget to let me know when I can come over and help you out with housework and laundry out anything else. And bring you a meal too! Hugs!!


  5. You & Matt are doing an amazing job! You both are great parents. Honey, do not beat yourself up on the breast feeding. You will make the best decision for you and your family! You take care of yourself too! Enjoy Motherhood it is the best! Love you! 😘💗

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  6. Love your update. The boys are so cute. Don’t worry about breastfeeding. Do the best you can. I had a hard time with Matthew and had to supplement with formula too and he turned out fine. The boys will be fine. And remember every day gets easier. Paula

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  7. As someone else who had a challenge producing enough milk (for only one babe), I just wanted to say you are not alone. I also wanted to share with you what my doctor told me, which is that combo feeding doesn’t AT ALL negate the benefits of breastmilk. All those good things that you hear breastmilk does don’t get cancelled out if you give formula– and babies don’t need gallons of breastmilk to get the benefits. So whatever you are able to give them is awesome (also, as I am sure many have told you, what you pump is not an indication of what they are eating from you when they do nurse). Also– my mother in law told me she breastfed two of her kids and formula fed two and asked me to guess which were which– I couldn’t. They are all healthy, smart, fun adults who adore their mom and have families of their own. Loving your kids is what’s most important, and ensuring they are fed and you stay sane– which you already know, and are already doing. So just to echo what everyone else said, you are doing great mama.

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