Z & N 6 weeks!

I can hardly believe that the boys are SIX weeks old today! Their birth is still so fresh in my mind that it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been this long. 

My tiny little 5 pound babies are now chunky little 8 pound babies! 

The babes are eating well (4-5 oz’s!) and growing like weeds. They were recently circumcised (which we stayed in the room for. It was awful and Matt is still traumatized!) We are currently working towards getting them to understand the difference between day/night so they will sleep a little longer in between feeds. I think it is going well, although some days/nights are really hard on us. 

Lack of sleep and taking care of twins is no freaking joke. As the boys get older they sleep less during the day and want to be up.  Matt and I try and send each other upstairs to nap in between feeds, and when they were a few weeks old it was easy because they always slept! Now if one baby is up chances are the other one is too (because they eat at the same time) so it can be difficult if they become fussy! 

Having Matt home has been a complete godsend because two people taking care of two babies helps. Plus it is just nice being able to do this together.  I am sure as soon as they start sleeping longer- last night they slept 4 hours!! Yay!- it will get easier. I have been reading lots of different sleep technique books like Baby Wise and The Happiest Baby on the Block (thank you Dr Stephens!) so we are moving in the right direction! πŸ™‚

We are also trying to get out with the boys as much as we can. Even if that means we put them in their stroller and walk around the block. It’s important to try and get out- I get VERY bad cabin fever, so I think it’s good to get outside and practice being mobile with twins. Before I go back to work I really need to practice going places by myself- I am so nervous because I don’t think I’m ready and I get so anxious. I love Zayden and Noah but I am scared to go anywhere by myself with them. 

I am just amazed at how fast they are growing and how quickly the weeks fly by! I just wish time would slow down! I can’t even imagine how i will feel when it comes time to get ready to go back to work! Still 8 weeks away, so just going to enjoy every minute of being with my babies! People don’t lie when they tell you how fast this all goes πŸ’™

11 thoughts on “Z & N 6 weeks!

  1. They are so cute! Glad to hear they are growing and getting bigger. I totally understand the anxious feeling about getting out (obviously not with twins though) but it’s still really early so don’t be too hard on yourself. All of that just takes time πŸ™‚

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  2. Target!!! I was there daily once my babe hit about 2 months. I probably would have gone to other stores but Target is right down the street and I could get coffee and shop. Put the baby in the stroller and he was out! I loved it there

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  3. Awww, they’re so cute! Although I look at them and think “omg, my baby is going to be BORN bigger than them!” I mean, babies are different and they were small b/c they were twins and stuff, but my doc keeps saying how big my girl is going to be and looking at them, 6 weeks old, thinking mine’s coming out bigger is kinda freaky!!! hahah

    You have to post about how sleep training goes! My Matt and I talk about how we want to do it, even if it means we’re those parents that always have to be home by 630pm to start the process, b/c a good sleeping baby makes for better functioning and happier parents! So I’m curious about your experiences with it.

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    • So far it is going better, they have been sleeping 4 and then 4.5 hour long stretches the last two nights! Woohoo! The first two-three weeks are such a blur because your sleeping in 2-3 hr stretches. After that it’s all about routine! We do bath at 7:30, then bottle then bed! Keep lights dark and interaction minimal. So far we have been successful doing this. I will make a new post about it in detail soon πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜ΊοΈ

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