Z & N 9 weeks ❤

The boys turned 9 weeks yesterday!


That’s how I feel about time going so quickly. I have 5 weeks left of maternity leave and then back to work I go. Matt has two weeks off still after I go back too which is nice. Then my mom will take over and watch the boys. We are SUPER fortunate my mother is retiring this year to take care of our boys. 

The babies are doing GREAT. We had their two month checkup yesterday, & Noah is 11 lbs 13 oz, and Zayden is 11 lbs even! They are big for preemie babies but still a little smaller for full term babies their age- so they have some catching up to do. 

They are still primarily formula fed. I won’t say I’ve given up breast feeding- i just accepted that it’s not what is best for our family. I still pump every day to make sure I produce milk, because if the boys get overly fussy I can easily put them on the boob and they fall asleep fast. In fact I am nursing Noah at I write this lol. I did feel guilty in the beginning coming to terms with formula feeding, but I gave it my best and they still get some Breast milk- so I’m over it. Fed is best!

They are doing great sleeping at night too. The last few nights they slept about 6 hrs straight and Tuesday slept 7 hours straight! We feed them every 3 hrs and one small feed before bedtime to “fill their tanks up” at 8 pm it’s bath, last bottle in the dark with no talking & then straight to bed. Works like a charm! 

What we don’t have down is scheduled naps in this house and that’s what we are working on this week. It’s not easy, and we are following BabyWise & happiest baby on the block still. We feed them, then they have some “awake” time, then a nap. We’re letting them cry it out, but only for 3 minutes at a time. 90% of the time they fall asleep before that 3 minutes is up, so it’s going great! I want an established scheduled by the time I go back to work. 

I have also taken Noah to Target twice now. I need to do Zayden but I just get nervous because he can be fussier! I am feeling much more comfortable with the car seats & swings, so next week I will try again.

Every day is just so great being at home with our babies. I feel so happy that Matt & I have this time together with Noah and Zayden! We are very lucky 😊 

Easter 2017 🐰🐥

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