13 weeks!!! 

Yikes I haven’t updated the blog in sooo long! I guess I’ve just been so busy with the boys and haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about them! 

Zayden and Noah are 13 weeks today! Ahhh! Time is flying by, one week from today and I return to work 🙁 it makes me so sad to leave my babies. They are in great hands though- Matt will be home for another two weeks with them! After that my Mom will take over. I think if they were going to daycare I would have a harder time going back. 

The boys are doing great. They sleep 8 hours a night! We put them down at 8:30 and they sleep until 4:30-5 am. We feed them and then they go back down until 8 am! Then they nap at 11:30 until 2pm.  It’s been amazing and we’re so happy we have gotten them on this schedule that works. Napping can sometimes be iffy (if we aren’t at home for instance) but for the most part it works. 

They have started to smile and laugh at us and it is just the best. We will sit on the couch with them and just spend all our time playing with them and trying to get them to laugh! They love their swings, and their activity gym too. It’s basically musical chairs all day long 😃

Last week we took the babies to meet Dr Stephens. It was great to see her again and have her meet the boys! 

We also took the boys to Chico so they could meet their new cousin Alexis! 

Z & N are lucky to have so many cousins! My sister is also pregnant and due Thanksgiving! So another cousin will be coming soon! 

I can believe how fast they grow and change every day. Being at home with them the last 3 months has been the best time of my life (especially spending it with Matt too)