16 weeks update

It is so hard to believe the boys are 16 weeks old! Time is flying by and it makes me so excited for all the things to come, but sad at the same time. It’s going so fast and I miss my little babies. I miss wrapping them in little baby blanket burritos and I miss being able to hold them for more than five minutes without my arms hurting lol

Whenever I feel this way I go to our shared folder of photos of Z & N and look at every picture from their birth. I am then reminded of just HOW tiny they were, and I remember that they were NICU babies after all, and its GREAT that they are happy, healthy  little chunks!

Things that I am looking forward to in the coming months are:

-Sitting unassisted

-Being able to hold their own bottles during feedings

-Starting to introduce solid foods in two months! (also getting off this awfully expensive formula they are on!)

So while I wish they would slow down on growing so fast, it will be nice when they become a little more independent!

Matt and I have also returned back to work. It is has been a little hard, but also nice to get back to the real world. Thank god for snap chat. Getting pictures and videos in the morning makes being at work tolerable. I still wish I could be home with them all day every day, but now I value our evenings together so much! Also I am very thankful that they are always going to be watched by family.

I don’t know how much the boys weigh at the moment, we have their 4 month checkup next week. I am guessing maybe 15-17 lbs. Noah eats WAY more than Z does, and I know he is heavier. We moved them into pack n plays at night in our room, as they were getting too big for the Halo Bassinets! Still not ready to move them into the nursery lol We just bought a new house and will move in sometime in late July, so I think once we move they will move into their rooms…maybe!

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  2. ***this is how fast time is going: the boys are actually 17 weeks today! 😂

4 thoughts on “16 weeks update

  1. Oh my goodness the cuteness!! 16/17 weeks flew by! It is just the best to watch them learn new things at each stage. It was so nice to be off formula (at 1yo) but then Bowen was allergic to milk and broke out in some type of rash all over so I ended up with him back on a toddler formula. Haven’t tried milk again yet.


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