Sacramento, California

Bio: I am 30 years old and living in Sac with my husband Matt. We have been together eleven years and married for five. We have two dogs who are overly spoiled, Gisele and Lucca. We have amazing friends and family as they support us through this journey called infertility.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I saw your blog a while back when you posted on FB. Every now and then, I check back. Know that I’m hoping and praying for a successful IVF! Since having my daughter and when we were trying, I would always say, we spend our younger years trying NOT to get prego and then when we are older, its all that we want and its so hard! UGH Sending positive thoughts your way!

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  2. We are so alike! I too am 30 years old and live with my husband (who I’ve also been married to for 5 years) and our two spoiled dogs, Bella and Callie. Thank you for blogging about your journey. It truly helps to know that there are other women like me going through similar things and having similar reactions/feelings. We are in this together!

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