31 weeks *update*

Today I am 31 weeks and a day! Officially 49 days until our C- section and I CANNOT WAIT.

I did make it to San Diego and back in one piece. There were times I walked a little too much, or stood a little longer than I should have, but for the most part I took it easy and my friends and Matt helped with that a lot.

I did come back from SD with a terrible cold. I felt it coming on in the airport on Sunday afternoon, and it hit me like a ton of bricks Monday morning. Chest congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat- I am a hot mess over here. I have not been to work all week! It has been miserable. I even broke out my babies’ humidifier to get some relief! Luckily, since I am so far along, my Dr. is okay with a little more over the counter medicine, so I have been taking some Robitussin to help me sleep (like that’s even a thing anymore)

Oh and for those of you wondering if I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes…I was. I got the call on the way to the airport Friday (what a way to start the weekend!) and I was very upset about it. Once I read my results I was even more upset. I failed by a mere 5 points. When I saw the OB the other day she even told me that it was probably all the holiday food that did it. Um, yeah I think so too. So today I had to go and see a nutritionist to go over my new diet. Which isn’t even new! It is basically how I eat on a weekly basis. Low sugar, low carb, high protein. I couldn’t be more annoyed, and I am pretty sure I showed it. Whatever- it’s for the babies, right?

We also got had an appointment to get the twins a growth scan with the MFM today and that was exciting! Both boys are looking so good and are right on track! Noah is weighing in at 3lbs 14 oz, and Zayden at 4 lb 1 oz !   I have almost 8 pounds of baby inside me! I look and feel it too lol. Everywhere I go I swear people are looking at me like I shouldn’t be there. Two more weeks of work and I swear I am going into hiding until these babies are born!

Hope everyone had a great New Years! Here are some pics from the wedding in San Diego on NYE! xx

My Fam


My besties since high school!


Matt & I


The bride and groom! ❤



30 weeks! 30!!!!

I have reached 30 weeks. Hallelujah! I am so happy to have reached this point and also very happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel with twin pregnancy! A twin pregnancy at 30 weeks is gestationally comparable to 40 weeks with a single baby. So things are starting to get very rough:

1. Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past, and boy do I miss it. At this point I fall asleep propped up on a ton of pillows. I can’t lay flat because I have horrible heartburn and it makes it worse. I can’t sleep on my back because that’s a big no no in pregnancy (not that it’s comfortable anyways) and if I sleep on my sides for too long the weight of my belly makes my hips ache. Oh and I also get up 1-3x a night to pee. But I guess it is all preparation for the lack of sleep I’m about to really endure right?

2. Work. Even with cut hours sitting in my chair at work  is difficult. Again, the weight of my belly (which is the size of a bowling ball) pulls on my hips. No Bueno. I am officially out on leave 1/20, so 3 more work weeks left! 

3. Swelling. I’ve been marginally lucky with swelling. I drink a Shit ton of water and that does help, but my rings are off. Christmas Eve was the last day I could do it. I miss them already. 

4. The damn glucose test. I passed the one hour at 21 weeks, but Dr Guile thought it was a good idea to re do the test as just a pre caution since it’s not usually done so early. I was nervous last week when he asked because…it’s Christmastime, damnit! Doesn’t he know how much sugar is around me right now? My office is flooded with cookies and candy and chocolate and so I panicked when he asked me to re do the test last week. And guess what? I failed it. By 7 points. I found out on Christmas Eve and thought I could cry. That meant I had to take the dreaded 3 hour glucose test, and if I failed that i would be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. So upset and stressed all week, but today I sucked it up and went to do the test.

For those of you unfamiliar with how this test goes, let me tell you- it’s a fucking nightmare. You go in, they draw your blood. You then drink the syrupy glucose drink, and then they draw your blood once an hour for THREE hours straight. Oh and, you have to have been fasting for 8 hours before. Your not even allowed water while you sit there and wait. It’s awful. Luckily I was able to work from the waiting room and the time did go by quickly. I’ll find out the results tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll pass. 

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego for a friends wedding. My Dr gave me a note saying I was approved to fly, and since it is only a one hour flight, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I am under orders to not push myself and to rest when I can, and to stay hydrated at all times. Anything can happen at this point so it’s important to take good care of myself this weekend.

After this weekend we need to get the car seats installed, pack my hospital bag, finish the nursery and start interviewing pediatricians! I feel like I have so much to do and so little time to do it. I’m just looking forward to matt and I being home together to get everything ready! 

Anyways long post I know. I’ll post again after finding out my results of the 3 hour test (please wish me luck!) and post pics from the wedding! Happy New Year! ❤


28 weeks

Hooray for 28 weeks! The beginning of the third (and final!) trimester! I am so happy to have made it this far. I must say, I am impressed with my body for being able to handle a twin pregnancy, it is a pretty amazing feat. When I first found out I was having twins, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, so to have made it this far feels pretty good!

The boys are growwwwing like weeds. We had our monthly appointment with our MFM last week, and each of the boys are 2.3 lbs each! So right now I have five pounds of baby in me. They are doing really well and I feel them constantly now. Zayden is much more active than Noah, and has been since I started feeling them. Last night he moved and it hurt so bad,I was able to feel a foot or a head or a something poking out on my side- that was insane! Haha!

Matt and I are slowly but surely getting the nursery together and things set up. We have both cribs, the dresser and glider all in the room. I am overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I need to wash and whether or not I need to wash everything! (do I have to pre wash burp rags and swaddles? Help!) We will soon be putting the stroller together, and getting my hospital bag ready. It is all coming so fast! I have about a month left of work before I go out on leave, and starting next week I will be working a modified schedule of 30 hours a week. My belly is starting to get really heavy and putting a lot of strain on my back and my hips. Sitting up in my chair for 8 hours a day is tough.

As uncomfortable as I am, I do enjoy being pregnant during Christmastime. It’s my favorite time of  year, and knowing that I’ll soon have a family makes it all the more special. My heart aches for the girls I still follow in the infertility community, waiting for their miracle babies. For the last four years, the holidays were always a really brutal time  for me. All over social media there are  pictures of kids on Santa’s lap, and Christmas cards pour in of families together. It is a really hard time of year to get through if you are struggling to get pregnant. As happy as I am to be pregnant finally, I’ll never forget what it was like to be in the trenches of infertility during the holidays. It makes me the most greatful for my situation now.

I have an appointment with my OB next week to discuss our birth plan, getting all the paperwork finalized for maternity leave, and getting final clearance to fly @ 30 weeks to San Diego for my best friends wedding New Years Eve! So the next few weeks are going to be very crazy! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!





26 weeks!

26 weeks today!! Woohoooooo.

The boys are each the size of an eggplant 🍆😳 so they are getting much bigger. I too, am getting much bigger! When I went to my last OB appointment a week and a half ago my Dr. told me my belly was measuring 34 weeks! I have gained 23 pounds total, I put on one pound per week. Dr said this was right on track so that was good news! 

The boys have also moved positions. Instead of both being head down, Zayden is butt down and Noah is sideways. I’ve been feeling lots and lots of movement lately and am told they will change positions a lot. We see them again at our MFM next week so should be interesting to see what positions they are in by then.

I had my first baby shower recently and it was an amazing experience. There was a time where I thought I would never get a baby shower, so I felt extremely blessed to have one thrown by my best friend and my sister, who did an amazing job. The babies got very spoiled, and having all the baby swag in their nursery makes it all seem so real now. 12 weeks (possibly less) until they are here! 

I’ve been fighting a cold the last two days, which has been awful. Matt even got a flu shot and got sick anyways, so the two of us have been sneezing and coughing non stop. At least Matt can take cold meds though! I’m trying to fight it off naturally (although I did pop a benedryl last night, just so I could get some sleep!)  

Here are some pics from the baby shower: 


24 weeks!

I am 24 weeks pregnant today! Today is a big milestone- viability! We were very excited to reach this point of pregnancy. I am so happy and grateful to have made it this far! I  am six months pregnant with twins, and have roughly three more months to go, unless they come on their own before that.

We also received good news from our perinatal doctor last week. I was patient and waited a whole month, even though I was worried every single day about my extra fluid and Noah’s stomach being visible. I was really nervous for our appointment but just tried to stay positive. I laid on the table as the ultrasound tech got to work and watched closely. Both boys were wiggling and moving like crazy it was hard for her to get some of the measurements she needed, and she commented on how active they were. She then measured both sacs for fluid measurements and I saw that one sac had 7.5 cm of fluid and the other 7.2! The tech still made a comment that it was a little high and I reminded her that they were each a full point higher a month ago, so they had actually gone down. She said nothing and just kept measuring away. At this point I was irritated with this tech, give me a break, lady.

At this point the doctor came in, which I was surprised by because my last two appointments with these high risk dr’s, they don’t come in until after the tech has done all the measuring, and then they just come in to discuss results. Anyways, the doctor came in and sat down and immediately started joking with me and asking me if I had signed up for the Moms of Multiples group my hospital offers (I hadn’t, and he set me up with that info) and talking with me about the boys.

The tech then said she found Noah’s stomach bubble but it was still a little small. The doctor said let me see, took the ultrasound wand from her and started looking at Noah’s abdomen. He was able to see the stomach (as did I) and said, “There it is, and that looks normal to me!” I asked if he was sure, and he said absolutely and for me to no longer worry about it. I was so happy to have the stomach issue put to rest! Both boys are about a 1.5 pounds and are about 11-12 inches long! He said it is a great sign that they are both growing at the same rate.


The tech offered to do some 3D pics (least she can do, after trying to burst my bubble-twice) and both boys made it difficult for her! Lol. Noah was moving so much anytime she tried to get him he looked all smushed. Here is baby Zayden. I think he looks like Matt 😉

This weekend my sister Renea and Alicia are throwing my baby shower and I am SO excited. I will definitely post some pics of that next week. Back and hip pain is still there, but I had acupuncture the other day and I have slept so good the last two nights. I am up 22 pounds- yikes. But I know its good for the babies and I read that I should of at least been up this much anyways! I still walk every day and that does help with my energy levels.

I am just excited for the next milestone (28 weeks- the start of the THIRD and last trimester!) and the holidays!






Maternity Fashion

When I first became pregnant I was hell bent on not spending a ton of money on maternity clothes. The way I saw it, why would I go and buy a bunch of clothes that I would only wear for such a short period of time? I figured I could get by in my own leggings and flowy shirts and I would be just fine.

Isn’t that hilarious?

I was able to mostly get through the first trimester in my own clothes. I definitely did not need to buy any shirts. I did buy one pair of maternity jeans at Old navy and I hate them. I never really liked jeans pre-pregnancy so that really wasn’t surprising. Early in my pregnancy my friend Alicia loaned me some black maternity leggings she wore in her pregnancy and some shirts, so I figured I would be set, at least in the beginning.

I am now at the point where I need to be in maternity clothes every day. I have bought a few shirts from the maternity section at Target, and I wear leggings constantly. I bought one pair from Target but they kept rolling down my stomach and after a few washes looked blah. The black leggings Alicia loaned me are amazing and never roll down, and after many washes still look great. They are David Lerner leggings and even though they are pricey- they are worth it. I even bought another pair this weekend because I know I will wear the crap out of them the next 4 months!

I bought my baby shower dress from Pink Blush Maternity, but was able to get it 30% off on Zulily.com! That site is great for deal on maternity clothes, and I search it every day looking for any good deals. I still don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes after all.

I am also looking into comfortable shoes for winter lately. I have been living in sandals all summer and most of fall but with no support and my back starting to ache 24/7, they weren’t cutting it. Now I am in my Toms all day.

Basically, pregnancy is hard- I am just aiming to be comfortable at this point! If anyone has any suggestions on comfy maternity clothes, please- help a sista out!

Happy Halloween! xo





21 weeks

So I passed my glucose test, so I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. It was a bitter sweet moment getting the results. Part of me kind of hoped I had it, because it would then explain the high amniotic levels. But GDs comes with its own set of possible complications so I am happy that I passed the test. 

I also received the results from my 2nd trimester genetic tests. It was negative for any markers on Downs, Spina bifida, and neural tube defects. All of that coming back normal definitely did make me feel better. 

I am still concerned about the amniotic fluid levels, but I won’t know more about that until my bext scan, which is November 7th. 

Matt and I had another appointment with our regular OBs Monday too. I met with a new (male!) doctor who I liked immediately. He was really nice and understood my concern about the babies. When I told him I was stressed because of the googling I had done he was like “nooo, please don’t google!” He said “Email me, if you have questions and we can talk about it instead.”  I felt better than I had in weeks leaving the appointment, and felt like I had found my Dr Stephens of my OB office! 😉

Physically things are getting a little tough! I’m 21 weeks today and up 17 pounds. It’s starting to take a toll on my back and by the end of the day my lower back and hip pain starts acting up. Sunday I had my first pre natal massage and it was AMAZING. I asked them to stay focused on my back and even though they couldn’t give me too much pressure, just to lie there and have someone rub my back for 70 minutes was The Best. 

I also have started to feel the boys move & kick. At first I wasn’t sure that’s what it was, when I first felt it! It feels like I am being nudged from the inside it’s so weird. Matt got to feel a few days ago and he was SO excited and happy. It was a wonderful moment. 21 weeks in, there are times when I still can’t believe that I’m pregnant. I catch myself in the mirror (looking SO PREGNANT lol) and its so weird but I am so thankful to have made it this far. 

I will do another post when I know more from our next appointment. Hopefully everything turns out great this time! 



Week 20 update 

Today I am 20 weeks + 2 days. I have been feeling pretty good, despite some minor back aches in the late afternoon and constantly feeling like I have to pee.

At 18 & a half weeks we went to our first anatomy scan at the periantologist. Everything looked great, babies were both measuring 10 oz each and 9 inches in length. After the nurse did all the measurements and the doctor came in. She told us that everything looked good, but that they could not see much amniotic fluid in baby A’s stomach. She said it could just be that he had recently peed, and since everything else looked fine she assumed that’s what it was. We still asked what the worst case scenario was and she said that the baby had a defect where his esophagus isn’t connected to his stomach and is having issues swallowing, and would need surgery after birth to repair.

Of course I freaked out and my doctor said it was more than likely fine but to come back in 4 weeks to check. She also sent me to get my 2nd trimester genetic screening blood test. I spent over a week doing what I do best- obsessing over the worst case scenario. I read EVERYTHING on the internet about not being able to locate amniotic fluid in the stomach. To my reassurance, i did find that in most cases, it’s that the baby has emptied his stomach. 

I still wanted further reassurance and begged for an earlier ultrasound. After some mild persistence, they called me yesterday and said I could come in today- yay! Matt and I were stoked.

Upon going into the ultrasound the tech found baby A’s stomach right away- relief. She did some more measurements and then left. A new dr came in and said that yes, they were able to see more  fluid in baby A’s stomach but it was still a small amount compared to baby b’s (way to burst my bubble, lady)

She then asked me if I had been tested for Gestational Diabetes yet. I said no, and she said I should go and do that test ASAP. She said both babies have a slightly elevated amount of amniotic fluid. The normal range is anywhere from 2-8 cm’s and baby A has 8.3 and baby B has 8.5, so only a little. 

She said this could be caused by GD’s, OR a  defect in the babies OR could be absolutely nothing. 😐 I tried really hard to keep my cool and we asked a lot of questions. The defect would be the swallowing issue which she doesn’t think it is since both babies have elevated fluid levels (and baby B’s stomach is normal and full of fluid) She said if my test comes back normal for GD’s that all we do is monitor, and go from there. I have another appointment scheduled for 2 weeks out, but she said if I absolutely can’t wait that long she will see me in a week,  but- the bigger the babies get, the easier this is all to pinpoint.

Matt asked if me drinking a ton of water could cause excessive fluid levels and she even said that yeah, that could. So basically right now I just do the test, and go back for more monitoring. I am praying that this is nothing.

I was/am upset. The dr knew I was and she told me that she understands that this is stressful, and from what she can tell this was a long awaited pregnancy. I started crying, because it’s true. All I ever wanted was to be pregnant, and now here I am, with uncertainty hanging over me. 

I’m trying to stay positive, I know that this was something I might  deal with if I had twins- that’s why they are considered a high risk pregnancy. All I can do is get my glucose test and hope for the best! If everyone could please send good vibes to Noah and Zayden we would appreciate it! I’ll update with my diabetes test next week 💙


Hello 18 weeks!

I just realized today that I did not write a 16 week blog post! Oops! My sisters wedding was during that time and we were on vacation! 

Anyways tomorrow I am 18 weeks. I can hardly believe how fast this pregnancy is going. Knowing the genders and the names of the babies makes it all more real now. I am looking pretty pregnant and I enjoy it and also am self conscious of it. Since I am having twins I am bigger than someone would normally be at 4-5 months along and I feel like people loooooove to tell me how “pregnant” I am already. For now I am just really trying to embrace the bump and accept that…I’m about to get a whole lot bigger! 😃 

Sleeping has become more difficult. I get up costantly at night to pee. I have a giant pregnancy pillow that is my haven- poor Matt. Luckily we have a big bed or he would for sure have to sleep in our guest room! 

I am eating as healthy as possible ( I’d still rather eat carbs more than anything) and still sticking to my 30 minute walks five times a week! I’m happy to stay active and I do think it helps me a lot. I do want to get into prenatal yoga here when it starts to get much colder. 

We have our first anatomy scan next week and we are really looking forward to that. I am also anxiously awaiting feeling Zayden & Noah kick and move for the 1st time. Hopefully anytime now 🙂 

Here are some recent photos of the bump that are from my sisters wedding weekend: 

My SIL, Heather and I. A friend let me borrow this dress- thanks Tif! 

Matt and I at the wedding 💙💙


Twins Gender & Name Reveal!

The Twins are…Boys! 💙💙

Today I am 15 weeks + 5 days. I wanted to update on the babies’ genders ASAP, plus my sister is getting married this weekend in Tahoe so we are on vacation starting tomorrow- yay!

Saturday we had our long awaited gender reveal at my parents house. We had went the Wednesday before to get the ultrasound to determine the sexes and it was hard, because we couldn’t really watch the entire time. We did get to hear heartbeats (both at 150) and the tech said she was 100% sure on the twins’ gender. She gave us an envelope to give to the baker and that was it- we had to wait 3 days to Saturday! 

I had a feeling after the ultrasound i was having boys. The fact that she said she was 100% sure just seemed to mean boys to me! Matt was still convinced we were having girls. 

My mom and sister did such a good job putting together the reveal for us. Everyone was so excited and happy to see that we are having boys! We don’t have a a lot of boys in the fam 🙂 to be honest, I have never thought of myself as a boy mom- but I truly feel we are all given what we are meant to have. I feel so lucky to have the chance to be pregnant, to have the chance to carry TWO babies, and to have these boys! 

We have also already chosen names! Matt and I are not keeping them a secret (it’s not my style to be a secret keeper after all!)  the boys names are:

Zayden Lennox Allen (this has ALWAYS been our boy name. We’ve had it for years! Lennox is matts middle name and is an Allen family name. Zayden-Zade for short, has always been a fav of ours!)


Noah Stephens Allen ( Noah is one of the few boy names Matt and I have been able to agree on, so it was easy to pick right away that would probably be baby boy #2 name! Stephens is for Dr. Stephens 😊 it was always very important to us to honor her by giving one of the twins a middle name after her! We had a close relationship with her and she helped us make our dreams a reality!)

So we’re having boys and they have names and this is all real! 16 weeks in and I still can’t believe this is happening for us. 💙 here are some pics of the gender reveal- hope everyone has a good week!